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Passion to Change and Success

Sininen Polku was born in 2015 out of three experienced, internationally seasoned IT professionals’ passion for boosting productivity. We wanted to use our multidisciplinary competence to support businesses wrestling with change pressures and business development. Partnership and a focus on solutions have been the bedrock of what we do right from the start. That is why we also continue to develop our competence and services to better serve our clients.  

We are currently a firm of over 20 specialists focusing on improving productivity, particularly through digitalization and related transformation projects. Our specialists and solutions help our clients reach their goals and achieve greater results. To date, we have supported dozens of companies in almost a hundred digitalization and transformation projects. 

We know what we’re talking about. We are professionals tempered by international roles and the newest trends in business, and we can see the wood for the trees. We also have experience of sitting on the other side of the table. That is why we understand our clients’ real needs. We listen, we help and we challenge, all so we can together find the most suitable solutions for you, ones which also work in real life.  

Let us guide you — together, we’ll achieve genuine transformation for your organization.  


Kaj Nilsson

Kaj is the CEO of Sininen Polku Oy. His core competences are IT leadership and development, as well as the management and implementation of large transformation projects. He has broad experience of global organizations’ IT and R&D projects, as well as business project leadership.  

Kaj thinks good teamwork is the key to success. For him, the most important thing is to find the best solutions for the individual challenges faced by the client.  

+358 50 483 9989 

Simo Lintula

Simo has over 20 years’ experience in IT and business process leadership, operating model development and implementing large transformation projects in an international environment. Simo is one of the founders of Sininen Polku and in his current role leads client IT functions and implements a range of transformation projects. Simo listens closely to a client’s needs and excels at creating the best solutions at the interface of IT and business.  

When you need help in fleshing out, communicating and bringing your transformation to the finish line, contact Simo! 

+358 40 554 8953 

Albert Morgades

Albert has many years’ broad experience of demanding leadership roles in ICT and operative functions. His experience includes implementation of international company reorganizations and related operational actions, and stabilization of operations following large changes. Albert is one of the founders of Sininen Polku and is a highly appreciated client advisor whose strengths include crystallizing strategic business goals into feasible projects. 

+358 40 709 6492

Tiina Laiho

Tiina is the CEO of Sininen Polku Konsultointi Oy. Tiina is an experienced ICT business professional who has worked in strategic roles in business development and change management for over 20 years. Her solid experience in broad change projects, team leadership, digitalization and contractual negotiations when outsourcing services or changing service providers help her find the right solutions for the development of a client’s business.  

Tiina is the Chief Operating Officer at Sininen Polku and ensures that every client is offered the best knowhow in each project. Tiina is happy to answer your questions about any of our services! 

+358 40 595 7478

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Johanna Knekt

Johanna is an IT and change management professional with over 20 years’ experience. She has acquired most of her experience from leading a range of IT functions. Her passion is changing the role of IT in companies from an enabler to a transformative force for new business models. As a management consultant, she works with client companies, helping them achieve efficiency and added value through digitalization.

As a colleague, Johanna is simultaneously both analytical and approachable. She is able to think strategically, envision broad concepts and quickly understand the essentials of new situations. 


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Mika Kytö

Mika, an IT project manager and specialist, has over 20 years’ experience in the IT sector and international business roles in technology, financial and consumer goods companies. 

This sharp, direct project leader steers both internal and external service provider teams with a sure hand. His broad skills in business and process development roles, change management and agile conceptualization and software development enable smooth dialogue between business and IT. 


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Henri Heimonen

Henri’s skills combine agile project management and modern full-stack software development. His broad understanding from several skill areas allows him to efficiently process issues and fluently communicate in different environments. At Sininen Polku, Henri steers IT and software development projects, participates in operative development, and develops software with the use of modern software production methods and several cloud services.

Henri uses visuals to make complicated concepts understandable. As a colleague, he is relaxed and communicative. He thinks the best progress is made when working and planning together, not dictating.


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Jouni Marttila

Jouni is an IT and procurement leadership professional with over 25 years’ experience. Data, and the business solutions built around it, are Jouni’s strongest suit. Jouni works fluidly at the interface of the business management and the IT organization, creating a collaborative environment between stakeholders. In the workplace, Jouni expends his energy on enabling the whole team to do its job, and he approaches problems analytically but with humour. 


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Lasse Högström

Lasse has over 30 years’ solid and varied experience in IT leadership roles, particularly in the areas of service production, service management and project operation as well as development projects. Lasse’s areas of particular interest include the new opportunities presented by changes and continual improvement. As a consultant at Sininen Polku, he helps client companies succeed in the delivery of change projects. In transformations, he understands the importance of people’s trust and engagement. As a colleague and partner, Lasse is solution-focused, analytical and approachable.


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Tommi Mattila

Tommi, who has experience in logistics and international roles, leads projects aimed at the all-round development of IT solutions and supply chains. His multi-sectoral skills and experience from various transformation and development projects in a range of business areas help him understand how different functions interlock and what they expect of each other. 

Tommi is a team player who likes to work and win with other team members. In projects, he works in close cooperation with sales, product development and the supply chain. Under Tommi’s leadership, projects reach the desired goals.  


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Janne Häivälä

Janne has close to 20 years’ experience from variety of IT-roles in large Finnish companies. In his roles Janne has gained experience e.g. from building and scaling IT-services in global multi-vendor environment and has led IT-programs with large stakeholder groups.

Janne visualizes complex topics for easier communication and workability and in his work he builds on open collaboration. Janne’s approach to problem solving is composed and analytical, while even the challenging topics are met with humour and good spirits.


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Erkki Alanto

Erkki has over 20 years’ experience in IT projects and process development. His areas of expertise are public-sector IT projects and BI reporting projects which enable clients’ continual development.

As a partner and colleague Erkki ensures that everyone on the project has a shared view of what they want to achieve, how and when.


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Juha Ketola

Juha has worked in many IT sector roles and tasks in some of Finland’s biggest companies, where he has acquired both strong technical competence and understanding of the challenges and needs of global business. Juha is at his best in development projects which closely combine technology and companies’ business operations. He quickly masters large concepts, be that in process, service or project management. 

Juha has been with Sininen Polku right from the start. He is a reliable team player who bears responsibility. In projects, he ensures that business and technology are integrated in a way that brings immediate added value to the client.  


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Jan Malmström

Jani is an experienced project-oriented professional with 20 years’ background in developing corporate processes, especially through delivering business applications, such as ERP, Finance, HR, and BI solutions. He has managed and steered numerous delivery and solution development projects as well as headed the planning and implementation of several delivery models.

Jani is a natural-born negotiator with an emphasis on establishing productive partnerships. In deliveries he has an eye for detail whilst keeping the focus in the big picture. He is at his best when confronted with issues to solve and co-dependencies to understand.

Jani speaks native Finnish, but studies in England and regular use of English at home have kept his oral and written English skills very fluent and humour dry.


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Sari Saari

Sari has over 10 years’ experience in managing large companywide change programs. She is a project / program leader who ensures business transformation from planning to implementation and thus embeds changes into a permanent operating model. Her passion is to add value and enable change through professionally managed business transformation programs.

Sari has gained experience in building product-specific supply chains and streamlining the supply chain of large telecommunications company. She has led programs executing mergers and acquisitions, as well as implementing strategies and new ways of working. She also has experience in technology reforms and system projects.

Excellent communication, stakeholder management and team leadership skills are Sari’s strongest assets to achieve set goals. She is determined and persistent and leads the projects and programs in systematic and practical manner to their successful closing.
In program teams Sari creates an encouraging atmosphere and takes care of good team spirit as well the implementation of the meaningful and well-organized way of working.


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Tuomo Koskenvaara

Tuomo has successfully delivered several programs, adopting new technologies to enhance business capabilities. He is constantly seeking opportunities to optimize total cost of ownership by balancing standard and tailored solutions. His passion lies in guiding complex initiatives from development to operational success.

Tuomo’s leadership has been instrumental in facilitating success on transitions and transformations even on a Global scale. His wide experience in different roles in Business Technology domain gives him a unique understanding of IT leadership challenges and opportunities, making him an invaluable asset in any transformation journey.

Tuomo is a partner who combines strategic vision with practical expertise and is dedicated to your success.


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