Real-time investment approval management in a global organization

A globally active company faced challenges in monitoring its investment process: there was abundant manual work, processing paper forms took time, and routing and auditing approvals was laborious. The solution chosen was to search for a digital tool that would steer the workflow. This tool would have to support and visualize in real time the global process of approving investment proposals. Based on prior successful collaboration, Sininen Polku was chosen to implement the change.  

“Our client found approving investments to be a slow, manual process, and they didn’t have any way of reporting on non-finalized investment proposals, the status of finalized decisions, or the total numbers in real time. Our goal was to find a cost-effective tool to support the process, one that could be quickly deployed,” says Mika Kytö of Sininen Polku.  

The collaboration began with a preliminary study that led to the compilation of a priority matrix of the tools and the client’s needs. Sininen Polku then used the matrix to propose the three most appropriate options. After a tool was chosen, the implementation project began and the investment proposal forms and approval cycle, which the client needed, were incorporated into the tool.  

The result was the best possible one: the project met its targets and the client’s expectations, and the tool was adopted worldwide as scheduled. Kytö praises the smooth, successful collaboration, both with the client and the tool provider.  

“The client got a cost-effective global tool that seamlessly supported their investment process by digitalizing the approval process and accelerating it from days to hours. Our collaboration will also continue in other IT projects,” Kytö says.