Digitalization and process transparency give client opportunities for efficiency

A client company with a global presence wanted to improve the execution speed and quality of its business processes to increase client satisfaction and raise efficiency. Sininen Polku had strong experience of such development projects which put business first. 

“The client was unable to track project delivery and resources used precisely enough, and the lack of transparency made process management and optimization challenging. It was these client problems and challenges which the development project set out to solve,” Juha Ketola of Sininen Polku says.  

To solve the situation, new operating methods were developed and introduced to streamline the process. Operations were made more transparent to facilitate continual development. The initial stage of the project analysed and precisely defined the business processes and work prerequisites. On that basis, Sininen Polku started finding ways to digitalize and automate work management to achieve the goals set. 

The development project was conducted closely in parallel with the business transformation, thus ensuring synergy benefits. With help from strong change management, communication and technical support, the improvements to processes and digital tools were successfully implemented in dozens of countries in just a few months. 

“We reached the goals we had set. The cooperation went brilliantly and our specialists gave our client the added value it needed.” 

The most central element of transformation is to successfully adopt new working methods and tools and embed them in everyday work. With the support of Sininen Polku, this too was possible. The organization is now continuing to develop its operations in line with the framework provided by Sininen Polku.