ECOPRODIGI project enhancing maritime industry digitalisation in the Baltic Sea Region

Sininen Polku has received EU-funding to take part in an ambitious project focused on increasing eco-efficiency in the Baltic Sea region maritime sector through digital solutions. ECOPRODIGI* project kick-starts a unique collaboration between research organisations and the industry end-users to create and pilot digital solutions increasing eco-efficiency throughout the vessel life cycle.

If you want to lose weight of your quality costs, you also need to build muscle

Quality cost-cutting can be compared to a personal lifestyle change. It takes strong determination to see and accept the facts, as well as a healthy dose of persistence to stay on the right path. In order to create permanent changes, it is important to understand how your actions affect the quality in both good and bad ways. We’ll create a tailor-made analysis of your situation and make sure that you get the results that really will improve your productivity, now and in the future.[…]

A productivity boost at the heart of your operations – 7 tips on how to make your ERP renewal a success

For many companies, productivity is strongly linked to the ERP system at the core of their operations. Due to this, a growing number of companies are attempting to renew and modernize their ERP, though with mixed results. But have you ever heard of a truly successful ERP renewal, which fulfilled expectations and brought actual concrete benefits? Based on our experience, here are a few tips towards success[…]