Your path to success

Sininen Polku is a digital change expert.

We combine world-class expertise with an agility we have learned over the years: this helps us find the best possible solutions to boost your production and operations and take advantage of new business opportunities. We will partner with you to help you succeed during change — and after it. 

Digital transformation

Does your company both need and want to go digital? Succeed with us and make new routines a part of your daily work.

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Change strategy 

Our strategy services help you define the goals for your change and create a road map to reach them.

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ICT optimization

Optimization directs resources to where they are truly needed. We identify the best solutions for managing processes and making your operations more efficient.

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Project management

Our specialists are by your side at all stages of a project. We will help you succeed during change — and after it!

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Real-time investment approval management in a global organization

With Sininen Polku’s support our Client got a cost-effective global tool that seamlessly supported their investment process by digitalizing the approval process and accelerating it from days to hours.

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Sininen Polku helps VR procurement stay on track

Sininen Polku’s broad procurement competence and experience in the application of public procurement law supported VR’s procurement development.

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Digitalization and process transparency give client opportunities for efficiency

A client company with a global presence wanted to improve the execution speed and quality of its business processes to increase client satisfaction and raise efficiency. Sininen Polku provided the answer.

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Is there ever really a true win-win?

A partnership is always a two-way street and takes time and effort from both parties to be successful. Building and maintaining a both ways beneficial partnership between customer and supplier demands trust, mutual understanding and goals, and open communication.

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